Heavenly Forces Are (Not Necessarily) So Divine
(A jazz "soliloquy" on Multiple Sclerosis & Solar Storms)
Classical guitar, MIDI guitar, vocals.This piece is about many things... (perhaps too many things!)The main idea of this piece is to relate the effects of the force of Jupiter's gravity on the Sun with gravitational and spin effects within the Sun itself such as to cause Coronal Mass Ejections which in turn induce Geomagnetic storms that are statistically related to the geographic and temporal occurence of the disease Multiple Sclerosis here on Earth.Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis ("MS") are in some ways both "electrical" diseases. However, MS is quite different from Epilepsy:  Surprisingly, the geographical pattern of occurence of MS (but not Epilepsy) on Earth is very similar to the geographical pattern of Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) - induced geomagnetic storms that occur on Earth between 40 and 70 degrees latitude (measured relative to either the north or south magnetic but not the geographic pole).  Some theories exist but no one has been able to prove that a causal effect exists between CMEs and MS.  Nevertheless, I found this topic quite interesteing so I decided to create music around it.The statistical connection of MS to solar storms is based upon the 1960 paper "Correlation of the Geographic Distribution of Multiple Sclerosis With Cosmic-Ray Intensities" by JS Barlow, and the 1995 paper "Geographische Verteilung der Multiplen Sklerose und Vergleich mit geophysikalischen Grössen" by Johannes Resch. The possible connection between Jupiter's gravitational force on the Sun and the occurrence of Coronal Mass Ejections is based upon the 2007 Clarkson college Shipley Distinguished lecture "The Solar 11-Year Cycle of Giant Proton Storms and Their Geophysical Consequences" given by Dr. M Kasha.Please see my "Links" section under the topic "MS and Solar Storms" for scientific articles related to this.
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song: "Heavenly Forces Are (Not Necessarily) So Divine"© 2008 Guitares Cinematiques - All Rights ReservedLyricsHello. This is a message for (xxxxx)…..Just ringing to let him know that his (xxxxx) is here.Can you give us a call please.Thank you. Goodbye.It’s like I’m on this beach and there’s this giant wave coming at me.And I can’t get out of the way.And then I’m asleep.Then I wake up and sometimes I don’t even remember that I’m a person.and then I hear all these voices.And then I realize the voices are me.What happened? How did I get here?Epilepsy really sucks!In the disease multiple sclerosis the body starts attacking its own nerve coatings, or “myelin sheath.” The nerve signals leak out. You tell your arms to move but the signal can’t quite reach it.Statistically it’s regions of 40 to 70 degrees either north or south latitude, measured relative to the magnetic pole not the geographic pole of the Earth, that are six times more likely to get MS.Matter has sort of this “love / hate relationship” with itself. When too much of it gets together it starts to compress under the tremendous force of gravity. That’s what happens in the Sun. And it would compress down to nothing except that when it compresses the hydrogen molecules change into helium and they generate tremendous heat.Under the tremendous pressure other elements are made through nucleosynthesis. The heavier elements are separated out by the force of gravity that’s exerted by Jupiter every eleven years when it gets closer during its orbit around the Sun.Jupiter’s gravity pulls on the gases of the Sun. It creates a “bulge” at the Sun’s equator. The bulge changes the angular momentum of the Sun and it flips every eleven years. The magnetic field flips also. The coronal mass ejections peak and the solar flares have a maximum.These bubbles of magnetic flux that are created burst out from the Sun and travel towards the Earth at tremendous speed. They hit the Earth in the northern and southern polar regions. And that’s what causes the northern and southern lights. That’s also what causes the radiation to hit the Earth in the northern and southern latitudes between 40 and 70 degrees.When the solar storms come they affect the ionosphere. They compress it. That causes the Schumann Resonance to change in intensity.During the peak moments every eleven years the storms increase in violence. The coronal mass ejections are extremely powerful proton blasts from the Sun. They’re nothing like the normal sunshine. These incredibly powerful blasts are far more dangerous.The ones who are affected, if they happen to be living in the area of the Earth that would get more of this radiation from the Sun, they are six times more likely to get MS.