From the recording My Semi Annual Dream

Classical guitar, MIDI guitar, vocals.  A piece of music is about the hazards of space flight
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Good morning. This is your captain speaking. Our altitude is, uh, 20,000 feet at the moment. We’re rising up above the city of Denver. To the right you’ll see the Superdome.
We’ll be switching to “space-mode” soon. Please make sure you’ve taken the Comatrin tablets we’ve provided for you. The Comatrin will begin to take effect in a few minutes. You’ll enjoy a peaceful sleep for the duration of the flight. Flying time to Mars is 6 months 3 days, and 7 ½ hours. The current time on Mars is 11/8.
This craft is equipped with a magnetic dynamo mechanism. In the event of a solar coronal mass ejection, the dynamo will activate automatically and provide maximum shielding against proton storms. As well, the Comatrin dosage we’ve given you is calculated to regenerate, and counteract any tissue damage that may occur during flight due to radiation exposure…
So…sit back and relax. Here’s wishing you a safe and restful journey. We’ll see you on Mars… Until then….