1. So Easy

From the recording So Easy

Classical & MIDI guitar, trains, cicadas, vocals.  Thematic materials are loosely based upon concepts of relativity and martian dynamos.
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F 11 07 10?
Yes sir?
11 45.
Will do.
C’mon… It would be so easy…
Oh my god…that man!
Police Officer!
So easy…
Haven't got the nerve to go on; just don't wor-ry.
Letting go is ever so hard; it's so ea-sy.
Speed of light’s a fixed quantity; or so they say.
Planet Mars with a constant sea; that's long a-go.
Crashing waves, now silent-ly; no dy-na-mo.
Thirty-six million miles a-way; takes half a year.
Just a few more steps and I'm done; 1...2...3...4.
Now, I feel so numb, life is no fun; can't tell the Sun...is sh-in-ning.
So, what will ensue? Lucky for you life is a dream...Just watch your step.
Slow-ly walk-ing, Train is com-in'...
Head-lights flash-in’, Hear the en-gine...
Time is wast-ing. I'm just ask-in'...
What can I do, if I...?
Are... are you okay ?